Food Delivery York PA

Food delivery in York has taken a step up in quality and convenience. Ordering out does not have to be limited to pizza places and sub shops any longer. Carryout Courier brings the taste of your favorite restaurants directly to you. We allow you to order from more than 20 local restaurants that do not offer takeout service. You can place your order through us and one of our drivers will then bring your meal right to you. Carryout Courier offers a wide variety of options giving you the choice of many different types of cuisine. You can choose from high-end Italian, seafood, steaks, all-day breakfast, sushi, Thai and much more.

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Some of our restaurants include the following eateries:

Our focus is not on cookie cutter chain restaurants, only local food at its finest.

There a number of advantages that come with our service and some of those benefits are as follows:

  • No long wait times for a table
  • No drive time to the restaurant
  • No worry of making reservations
  • Eliminating travel time to restaurant
  • Enjoying quality food in the comfort of your home

Meal delivery to homes, businesses and hotels

Carryout Courier delivers to homes, businesses and hotels throughout York as we offer a product residents cannot get anywhere else. We employ a team of experienced waiters and waitresses who triple check every order to make sure you have everything you need for a truly unique dining experience. There is no other delivery service in York that brings you a quality selection with convenience. Carryout Courier is a refreshing alternative to having to cook a quality meal yourself. It saves you from having to spend hours in the kitchen and allows you to spend more time however you see fit. That could mean more time with loved ones, working around the house, or just sitting back and enjoying your day. This convenient meal delivery will also save you a trip to the grocery store and enable you to make the most out of your time.

Customer service is our top priority

In the event that there is any kind of delay because of backup of business at the restaurant of your choice, our customer service staff will provide you with a phone call to update you on the status of your meal. Many of our customers at Carryout Courier have been ordering through us for the past 20 years we’ve been in business. Some customers have ordered delivery over 1000 times.

Special requests? No problem!

Special orders are welcomed and as long as the chef has no issue with putting together that specialty item, we can bring it straight to you. The hassles that can arise with going out for a nice dinner can finally be a thing of the past. Great food and great variety is now is only a phone call away at Carryout Courier. Our service extends beyond York city and also includes Springettsbury Township, West York, Leaders Heights area, Hellam, north to the Board Road Industrial Park and other nearby communities.

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