$1200+ Tip For Pizza Delivery Driver

According to a story on CNN a Domino's Pizza delivery driver received a $1268 tip of a delivery to Indiana Weslyan University

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How It Happened

It started in the when 3000 students filled the campus chapel as they normally do every Wednesday at 10 AM. They started off with ways they could help other people. The leader of the service suggested that if you can not help everyone in the world at least help the person next you.

He had the students write inspirational letters then they ordered pizza. Unfortunately as the students soon realized it was not pizza for all 3000 in attendance, just two pizzas.

The driver was James Gilpin. They brought him up on stage and thanked him for his hard work. He got a sack of insprational notes and the $1200+ tip. He says he will use the money to provide a nice Christmas for his two children.


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