Answers to the Occasional Question: Why is My Food Taking So Long?

About the video

This video features Chad Eisenhart the owner of Carryout Courier.

Our top priority is to check your order to make sure all items ordered are delivered. And to deliver your order in the time that you were quoted.

Does it sometimes take longer than we quoted...

Yes it does. Of course that is never our intention. The most common reason is a delay at the restaurant, they may be busier than we expected or there may be something missing (and we have to wait for the items to be prepared). Occasionally there is excess traffic. Once in a while a delivery waiter/waitress gets lost, but that is rare.  We have a great staff of long term people, many who have been with us for 5-10 and more years.

Our priority is your on fresh, complete meal delivery

We never want your meals so sit at the restaurant and wait for the driver to arrive. Our goal is that the delivery waiter/waitress arrive a minute before the meals become ready. They are handed your order. They check for accuracy and out the door they go right to you with no stops in between.

We delays occur we always try to pick up the phone and let you know. We prefer to wait until they are on the way to your home or business. That way we have a pretty accurate estimate of arrival with your lunch or dinner.

We never want to have a dissatisfied customer. If you do ever have a problem, please get in touch with us ASAP.


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