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For over a decade, Brian U. has served as a delivery waiter at Carryout Courier. That is just part of a life that has included one interesting stop after another. Before Brian joinedBrian-U-Delivery-waiter-york-pa the Carryout Courier team, he worked as a bar manager at the Tourist Inn in Hellam, PA and also owned his restaurant in Manchester, PA for a while.

In his current role, Brian enjoys the flexibility that comes with the job of delivery waiter. “If you are an old timer, like myself, it is a pretty flexible job,” Brian said. “The boss tries to accommodate us with our hours so that we can have the time off we need with our families.”

Brian also offered a message to Carryout Courier customers.

“I'd like the customers to know that we work for them, and it is our job to get them their food as accurately and efficiently as possible. When we find something at the restaurant is not right with the order, like an item is missing or prepared wrong, we get it straightened out with the cooks right away.  We are out there to work for the customers.”

Memorable experiences at Carryout Courier

Having accumulated ten years on the job, Brian has his share of memorable moments and opted to share one in particular.

“We have a customer and she has been ordering since I started at Carryout Courier named Michelle DeMeo,” Brain explained. “She was diagnosed years ago with ALS and they only gave her a few months to live. And we are still delivering to her. She has written a book and she is pretty well known around York. She is still fighting and we still deliver to her to this day. It has been years and years since she was diagnosed.”

Brian also has some other memorable moments, including delivering a meal to a naked couple who were covered in talcum powder! There was another occasion when Brian left a home with an unexpected travel companion.

“One time, I went to a customer’s house and he had a couple of small dogs,” Brian revealed. It was a big order and as he began to unpack his order, “I opened my jumbo delivery bag to hand him his meals. We got to talking and when we were done, I went back to my car. My bag seemed a little heavy and when I looked inside, his dog had crawled inside the bag! He was going to go with me for a ride.”

Family is also very important to Brian. He likes to spend a good deal of his free time with his son, and enjoys watching him wrestle and play football. The father and son duo also like to hunt, fish and ride motorcycles together. Brian is a former college football player at Millersville University, and he even helped coach his son for a while.

Standing at close to 6-foot-4, Brian is also a former powerlifter, who has always enjoyed weight training. But as imposing as he may appear to be, Brian is one of the friendliest and engaging people working at Carryout Courier's York location!

Brian favorite restaurants?

At least once a week Brian and a few of the other drivers go out to eat after the lunch shift.  Two of his favorite Carryout Courier restaurants are Fiesta Mexico for their lunch specials and Pizza Al Bachio for their delicious pizza.  As for Brian's local favorites that are not with Carryout Courier he would choose Jackie B's, "for the price you get a pretty good deal."

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