Carryout Courier a proud sponsor of Lancaster Symphony Orchestra

The arts are alive and well in south central Pennsylvania as the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra continues to put out some of the top musical productions in the region. One of the pillars of the Lancaster community is also doing its part to make sure the these must go on.

Carryout Courier continues to do its part by providing free catering to the talented musicians who have made Lancaster Symphony Orchestra’s 'Classic Concert Series’ a success. Musicians from all over the region flock to Lancaster every month to be a part of this series which takes place at the Fulton Opera House. On the Thursday night leading into the start of the concert series, Carryout Courier provides free catering for all those musicians during that initial rehearsal.

Artistic Hospitality Sponsor

This sponsorship started back in September of 2014 and will continue to run through the 2015 concert season. While musicians spend that important Thursday night rehearsing, Carryout Courier takes care of the night’s catering. There is an abundance of choices as meals are from a different local eatery each time, selected and provided by Carryout Courier.

The group of musicians usually consists of anywhere from 60-75 people and the response thus far has been stellar. Carryout Courier has drawn rave reviews for its prompt and generous delivery of quality food.

The team at Carryout Courier values the importance of providing quality food, but is equally invested in providing a valuable community service. Some of the musicians in this series are not overly familiar with Lancaster as they travel from various cities to take part in this cultural event.

That is why it is important to put the city’s hospitality on display, courtesy of a unique food provider that has been a staple in the Lancaster community for two decades. To date Carryout Courier enabled the musicians to enjoy an array of catered Italian dishes while they had the opportunity to socialize during the season’s first Thursday night rehearsal.

Not all of these rehearsals will feature an Italian-themed meal as Carryout Courier has an abundance of restaurants to choose from. Classic American and authentic Mexican cuisine are two other options that could make their way into the upcoming Classic Concert Series rehearsals.

Checkout the 2014/2015 Concert Series

The next part in the concert series, entitled ‘Romance with a Twist,’ is set to take place on the weekend of October 30th. From there, four more performances will follow and Carryout Courier will be right there donating its time, food and service to make sure these musicians have a top notch Lancaster experience.

It’s important to give back to the community and Carryout Courier’s involvement with the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra is a way of saying thank you. There is a certain pride that comes with offering that type of support as the influence of the arts adds to the cultural ambience of Lancaster. What better way to feed those musicians than with a company who has helped the city grow over the last twenty years.

Fulton Opera House photo from Flickr


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