About Central Family Restaurant Interview with owner Karl Spangler

You know the food, but do you know the people behind it? We want to give you a look into the local cuisine of York, PA. Karl Spangler of Central Family Restaurant was kind enough to take the time out of a busy Saturday to sit down and talk with us about his store and the magic behind it.

Karl's passion for restaurant ownership is something he credits right down to the blood in his veins. As a child, Karl would help out at his uncle's restaurant in Maryland where he would stack milk crates, peel potatoes, and wash dishes. This passion continued as he grew older. He started working for the previous owners of Central Family Restaurant when he was sixteen years old as a cook. He would go on to work his way up through the ranks until he was a manager. When the day came that Karl wanted to start his own restaurant, they offered him the Central Family.

“Here at Central, we are a family restaurant,” Karl tells us. “My Mom works here, I have a niece or two that work here. My nephew works here. We have a lot of employees that have been here a long time. We're like one big family here.”

Three of Central Family's most popular dishes are the crab cakes, roast turkey, and the fried chicken. “We have different customers that order (the fried chicken) by the hundreds of pieces” Karl tells us. “Then, of course it comes with the mashed potatoes and the coleslaw and all the good things that we make.”

As for Karl? His favorite dish is the baked chicken, available only on Sundays.

Want to try any of the delicious food that Central Family Restaurant serves up? You can order it all directly by placing your order online! Just call 717-846-8828.


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