Chafing Setups Now Available For Your Catering Orders

If you are looking to take your catering delivery up a notch we have the answer for you.  No more worrying about your last guest's meals being less than hot.   With a little preparation before your delivery arrives, your meals can go right into the steam pans and remain piping hot waiting for your group to break from their meeting or arrive for your party.


Economical and Reusable Chafing Setups

Our chafing catering setups are very economical and reusable.  Check out the setups in action on a recent delivery to the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra.  Click here for all 20 photos.


24 Piece Catering and Party Setup

You get 3 complete catering setups that hold six 1/2 size catering trays.


Included with the 3 complete setups, you receive:

They are super easy to setup

First just unpack the setups


 Step 2 gather a few extra items not included


Step 3 pop off the lids of the burner


 Step 4-6 - Add the water to the large steam pan, light burners and wait


Step 7 - Insert Meals

catering-setup-insert in pan

 Step 8 - Serve


The Details & How To Order

Setups must be ordered in advance, sorry we can not deliver with your order.  Please order at least 48 hours in advance so we can arrange for drop off.  Ordering must be done by phone.

Complete setup ups are available at our cost, a mere $20 per 24 piece setup as pictured above.  Each kit is capable of holding six 1/2 size catering trays of food. There is a delivery charge of only $6.75.  (Carryout Courier does not profit from the sale of these setups.) It is just an added convenience to make life easier on customers and show them their business is appreciated.  Extra sternos are available for $2 each or you could wait and pick these up at many grocery stores or Wal-Mart.

The serving pans are mean't to be reused the next time you order from Carryout Courier and are yours to keep.

How many sets do I need?

One half size tray should serve about 8-10 people.  With enough room for six 1/2 size trays you should be able to keep your meals hot for 48-60 people.


Additional Purchase Options

We bought these at Sam's Club in York and will update this page after we check BJ's in York and Lancaster and Costco in Lancaster as additional locations.  These should be a great add on to keep you Carryout Courier delivered catering orders hot for all of your guests.

Call 717-846-8828 or 717-399-3463 to get your catering party setups for your next delivery.


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