Corie C - York Dispatcher and Delivery Waitress - Getting To Know Our Staff

Corie is relatively new to the Carryout Courier team, having come on board in March of 2016. She has pulled double duty as a dispatcher and delivery driver, but spends most corie-york-dispatcher of her time dispatching.

Prior to joining Carryout Courier, Corie spent 13 years as a truck driver and logged over 2 million miles out on the open road. She drove local routes in addition to making delivers to far-off destinations.

At Carryout Courier, Corie has settled into what she considers “a relaxed environment, where the customers are very personable.” She has blended in very well with her co-workers and has also gotten to know many of the regular customers.

“I have developed a good relationship with the customers who call often,” Corie said. “Most of the time, I know what they are going to order and where it is going. Several of them like to talk and I have gotten to know a little bit about their lives and heir families.”

When not working at Carryout Courier…

Corie also keeps busy when she is off the clock, operating a side business in which she restores furniture and sells antiques.

“I try to recycle stuff so that it doesn’t go to the dump,” Corie explained. “I try to fix things that are broken and make them new again.”

Her recommended restaurants…

Corie is a big fan of Baron Von Schwein. On Thursdays or Fridays on her way home from work she stops and grabs lunch for her and her hubbie. Her favorite is the special Porkstrami Reuben, she orders it so much the call the "The Reuben Lady."

A history on the ice…

Growing up in Hershey, Pa., Corie developed an early love for the game of ice hockey. That was not limited to watching as Corie took to the ice at an early age.

“I started playing ice hockey when I was four years old,” Corie said. “I played ice hockey for 19 years as a goalie.”

Since there were only boys’ ice hockey teams at the time, Corie toughed it out as a longtime member of the Hershey Junior Bears.

“My best friend and I were the only two girls on the team,” Corie said. “I also learned how to play left handed and right handed, depending on what kind of stick we could afford. I played from 4 to 18 years of age for the Hershey Junior Bears and then went into the adult league up until the age of 23.”

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