Danny V - York & Lancaster Dispatcher - Getting To Know Our Staff

Carryout Courier customers calling both York and Lancaster locations are often greeted by the welcoming voice of two-year employee Danny V.  Before joining the Carryout Courier team, Danny was the president of operations for a company called MD at Home, which specialized in elderly care.

He also held a position as an installer at Brad Bishop Flooring. Danny enjoys the relaxed atmosphere at Carryout Courier as well as dealing with the public. There is a lot that goes into fulfilling each order and Danny is a big part of bringing the restaurant experience right into the comfort of people’s own homes.  One of Danny's primary jobs besides dispatching is maintaining the menus for all the restaurants in our order entry software, which is used in house and on our website when customers place their order online.

One of Danny's is more memorable experiences with Carryout Courier how we are working with the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra to serve dinner to the musicians prior to their seasonal performances for the 2014-2015 shows. Danny says he is "proud to work for a company who can do something of that nature that for people."

When not working at Carryout Courier...

Outside of work, Danny enjoys visiting different parks and is also an avid photographer. His personal hobbies include working on cars in addition to being an ardent movie buff. His favorite movies include the Rush Hour trilogy as well as the Indiana Jones series. Danny is also active on eBay, specializing in selling some of the local finds he picks up as a yard sale enthusiast.

From Miami, FL

Born and raised in Miami, Danny has really taken to his new home In the York area. Pizza Al Bacio has become one of his favorite places to eat and whomever gets the chance to converse with Danny is treated to a pleasant conversation. He loves to laugh and considers himself a very jovial person at heart. The next time you call Carryout Courier, listen for Danny’s friendly voice to guide you through a pleasant dining experience.

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