Donna K - York Dispatcher - Getting To Know Our Staff

Carryout Courier’s customers are often greeted by the friendly voice of York native Donna K. A true veteran at Carryout Courier, Donna began working at the York location dispatcher in 1994. What Donna likes best about working at Carryout Courier is "the fast paced environment" and "the uniqueness of each situation".  She enjoys the ever-donna kchanging challenges that have made this an enjoyable profession for her.

Whenever she is dispatching, Donna looks forward to putting together the different puzzles that come with the many orders she handles.  If there is one thing that Donna would like the customer to understand it is that she works diligently to make sure that every single order is "taken, relayed and delivered with the utmost precision."

Some of Donna’s more memorable moments at Carryout Courier include working with customers in special circumstances. Many of those customers become familiar voices to Donna and are usually just as pleasant to deal with as she is every time she answers the phone. Customers have been able to develop a familiarity with Donna, one that enables them to enjoy the Carryout Courier experience from beginning to end.  One of here favorite customers (and there are many) is a very regular customer who lives in York but has, in the past, been a writer of a daytime soap opera and has won Emmy's for his work.

When not working...

In her spare time, Donna hand makes professional beaded flowers, which she sells on Etsy, checkout her Etsy site here. She also enjoys treasure hunting for antiques and other rare finds at flea markets and Thrift Stores. An interesting fact that even her long time co-workers were surprised to hear was, back in the 1980’s, Donna’s friendships spanned the globe as she corresponded back and forth with 50 pen pals at a time as they were located in and outside of the United States.

Past working experience

Prior to being a dispatcher, Donna worked at Barley’s Convalescent Home, which is now Manor Care and she also spent time at Bowhunter’s Warehouse. Donna counts Shangrila Chinese Restaurant, among her favorite restaurants.  In particular the General Tsao Chicken.

Donna is from York and is a proud graduate of Central York High School.

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