First Night of Delivery to “Classic Concert Series’ An Instant Success

Carryout Courier’s involvement with Lancaster Symphony Orchestra began on Sept 18th of 2014. It was then that owner Chad Eisenhart personally delivered the first night of catering in what expects to be an ongoing sponsorship that could continue for years to come.

Back on that first night, Eisenhart set up food catering for approximately 75 musicians who would take part in the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra’s ‘Classic Concert Series.’ This generous donation took place on a Thursday night rehearsal which led into the start of the concert season.


Catering From Two Cousins

Carryout Courier catered the event with food which came from the kitchen of ‘Two Cousins,’ a quality Italian restaurant located in Bridgeport. It is one of the many restaurants customers can choose from when ordering meals or catering through Carryout Courier.

The menu on that first night of delivery featured a delectable variety of Italian dishes that included chicken marsala with potatoes and vegetables, baked ziti, lasagna, garlic bread as well as salads and desserts. The variety of food choices offered vegetarian options while musicians could also mix and match their own plates with a little something of everything. The night was an instant success as the musicians embraced both the generosity and quality provided by Carryout Courier.

Volunteers helped set up the catering event and the entire night went off famously. There were plenty of volunteers on hand to make sure the musicians were catered on such an important night. Carryout Courier’s featured catering setup also worked out well and accommodated the musicians more than adequately.

catering tray salad
lasagna chafing tray

We Introduced Soon To Be Offered Catering Setups

Catering pans kept the all of the food warm while the musicians could eat at their leisure, socialize with one another and even go back for seconds. It created a comfortable atmosphere where musicians could bond over an enjoyable meal without too much formality. There was also plenty of food to go around as no musician left the rehearsal hungry.

That night is another example of how the drop off catering service offered by Carryout Courier continues to function like a well-oiled machine throughout the city of Lancaster. Customers continue to get cuisine from restaurants that normally do not offer delivery service and they also receive those orders promptly.

However, Carryout Courier takes a break from business when the ‘Classic Concert Series’ is in town and offers the entire catering experience absolutely free of charge. The menu will change each time during for the Thursday night rehearsal as musicians will continually be treated to different types of cuisine.

catered delivery lancaster
baked served hot buffet

Variety With Each Delivery

Whatever type of food is served, the night is expected to usher in the same success as it did on that very first night of delivery. The feedback from that night is right in line with the same response Carryout Courier has received from residents and businesses all over Lancaster. It is a professionally driven evening, offering the best in both taste and convenience.

chicken marsala catering
vegetable lasagna catering


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