Fried Chicken Catering From Central Family Restaurant

With the cold weather of winter quickly approaching you may be looking for a warm and comforting meal for your next business meeting. At Central Family Restaurant they offer catering platters of fried chicken that are sure to be a hit.

One of our delivery waiters, George, has personally had the fried chicken and says Central Family Restaurant is “one of the best places to get chicken from in the area. It’s fingerCatering Fried Chicken bite’n good”.

Central Family Restaurant takes pride in the food they serve, making numerous menu items in house and fresh. Their fried chicken is no different. Each piece of chicken is freshly rolled in their home made flour mixture and fried to perfection.

CFR has a 20 piece platter that serves between 5 – 10 people that comes with 2 quarts of sides as well as rolls. They also offer a 50 piece platter that serves 12 – 25 people and comes with 4 quarts of sides and rolls.

The quarts of sides are also home made and offered are many different options. You can choose any combination of cole slaw, macaroni salad, peaches, potato salad, mashed potatoes and the vegetable of the day. The rolls that are included in the meal are also home made.

If you’re looking to just order a platter of fried chicken without any sides or rolls, Central Family Restaurant offers a 12 piece platter, as well as a 20 piece.

For any of the fried chicken platter’s it’s always appreciated to place your order the day before the order is to be delivered.

The fried chicken catering platters are a great option if you’re interested in serving something different. You can’t go wrong with good old family style cooking.

Call Carryout Courier at 717-846-8828 to place your order with Central Family Restaurant or any one of our partnering restaurants.