Why is Fuddrucker's Burger/Chicken Catering So Popular?

Fuddruckers is not just a fun destination spot where you can enjoy a quality meal at an affordable price. By partnering with Carryout Courier they are able to offer off premise catering to accommodate business lunches, meetings or any other kind of occasion.catering-bar-fuddruckers-york-pa

One of the main reasons why this kind of catering service works so well is because it allows people to build their very own burger or chicken sandwich. Packaging is so convenient because everything is placed in separate containers. That means burgers, chicken, buns, cheeses,condiments and fresh produce are all packaged separately.

Build your own meal without having to go to the restaurant

The catering order is brought directly to your location and then set out on the table just as it would appear in the actual Fuddruckers restaurant. Fresh produce, a selection of different cheeses and all of our condiments are right there for your convenience. It enables people to build their own meal exactly to their liking.

When placing an order, there is the option of specifying everyone’s needs. You can decide how many people in your party want burgers and how many want chicken. Even if you do not have time to take everyone’s order, a combination of burgers and chicken will be worked out accordingly. The general ratio is 60 percent burgers and 40 percent chicken, an amount that has always worked out for previous customers. Slider platters are also available so that everycatering-bar-fudd-2.jpg member of your party is guaranteed to receive 2.5 small burgers. Some people will eat more and some will eat less, but this

 number always manages to satisfy everyone’s appetite.

Freshness is always guaranteed to satisfy as orders will go out just as soon as they come off the grill. Burgers hold their temperature very well as drivers carry the hot off thegrill orders out of the restaurant. Burgers and chicken are not the only part of each catering order. There is also the inclusion of potato wedges as well as an option for baked beans or applesauce.  Large catering tossed salads are available.   With each one serving an estimated 10­-12 people. Different dressing are available and amounts are measured out so that everyone in your party is able to have a side salad with their meal.Food is delivered fresh off of the grill.

A meal isn't complete without dessert!

A dessert catering bar gives people the option of finishing off their meal with a sweet treat of cookies or brownies. Portions are distributed to each party so that everyone has the option of getting a tasty treat.  Early lunches are not a problem and can be accommodated even before Fuddruckers technically opens for the day. As soon as Fuddruckers opens its doors, a driver can be standing by waiting to pick up your order and bring it directly to you.  Or if before they open Fuddruckers will be glad to let us in to pick up your caterered lunch.

Carryout Courier makes catering easy, convenient and delicious with Fuddruckers wide selectionof freshly made items. If your are planning an event at home or work, the Burger and Chicken Bar from Fuddruckers is a great choice.