The Italian tradition lives on at Lombardo's Restaurant

Authentic Italian food can leave a lasting impression. There is a certain taste and aroma that can stay with you and make you want to continually relive that experience over and over again. Lancaster has long since been home to a place that provides such an experience.

The true taste of Italian cuisine rarely exists without family. At Lombardo’s in Lancaster, family and tradition permeate throughout the dining room. Family owned and operated since 1946, Lombardo’s recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. Meals being served to this very day taste just as they would in the Lombardo family region of Italy, Calabria.

From the high quality of customer service to every dish served at Lombardo’s, diners can always count on consistency. Customers return over and over again for the same delectable dishes that showed them the true nature of Italian cuisine.

Enjoy a home made meal made from scratch.

Every dish is made from scratch with extreme care and attention. Lombardo’s homemade ravioli is hand rolled, hand filled and hand cut. Cannelloni and manicotti are not constructed with any pre-made pasta tubes, only hand made crepes which are very light and delicate. Desserts are all made on the premises from fresh cheese cakes to tiramisu to three­ layer carrot cakes.

Co­-owner Michael Lombardo is one of eight Lombardo family members currently overseeing the day­ to ­day operations in what he calls ‘the quintessential family restaurant.  Lombardo has worked in this family restaurant throughout most of his life, serving as a dishwasher, busboy and bartender. A Villanova degree and job as an accountant could not keep him away from Lombardo’s as there is also a certain sense of satisfaction that comes with the job.

For Lombardo, the most rewarding part of his job comes in the form of customary responses such as a patron’s wide grin that screams satisfaction. Clean plates all around the dining room signify that the Lombardo family recipes keep on working year after year.

Regular patrons continually claim to miss dining at Lombardo’s when they’ve been away from the restaurant for short spans of time. Some have even returned home from vacation and gone straight to Lombardo’s before even unpacking their bags.

The staff know many of the customers by name!

The staff at Lombardo’s also knows many of their customers by name as it is very common for a first ­time diner to quickly become a familiar face. The Lombardo family recipes have done more than withstand the test of time, they have introduced generations of diners all the splendor that exists within true, homemade Italian food.

Catering options are also available and the most popular entrees include Lombardo’s Chicken Parmesan, Baked Ziti and Baked Lasagna.  A taste of Italy continues to live in the heart of Lancaster and is available to diners who opt for a quiet evening at home. Carryout Courier can be counted on to pick up orders on time and make sure every order is complete and ready to go. Whether it is a business meeting at the office or dinner party at home, fast reliable service is only a phone call away.


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