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On late afternoons and evenings, a phone call to Carryout Courier could connect you to Jess E., one of the company’s super friendly customer service people.  Jess spends her mornings and early afternoons working at a local community health care center in down town York (Family First Health)  and then welcomes the change of pace that comescsr jess with Carryout Courier. “Working in the office at Carryout Courier allows me to directly interact with all of our team members." said Jess, who started with Carryout Courier in July of 2014. “It's a nice contrast to working in a larger health center setting during the day." Prior to being an employee with Carryout Courier, Jess was a longtime customer and still is when she take care of lunches that are brought in for business meetings at her full time job. “I appreciate it even more now!” she added. Now, Jess can take pride in the immensity of work that goes into making Carryout Courier run like a finely-tuned machine.

The employees here really have a grasp of all the restaurants menus and offerings

“There is a lot of volume of food from the huge amount of restaurants we deliver from. The customer service reps and dispatchers have a very good grasp on the menus from all of these restaurants,” Jess said. “The knowledge that the employees have here is impressive.” Jess went on to detail one of her favorite parts of working at Carryout Courier. “Working in the evening hours, I get to interact with a lot of people who are caregivers for their parents or elderly family members. Getting to know their preferences and special requests and making it as easy as possible for people who need assistance, it is nice to be able to help in that little way.” Jess is no stranger to hard work as it consumes a great deal of her time. She also runs a wedding photography business with her husband called Digital Ephemera Photography. Prior to starting a career in health care, Jess had worked in automotive industry all her life.

Traveling with her husband is one of her passions

When Jess is not working, she enjoys traveling the world with her husband. Later this year, she already has booked a trip to Maine as well as one to Germany and return trip to France. Owner, of Carryout Courier Chad Eisenhart adds that "Jess is a real asset to Carryout Courier.  She is really knowledgeable about the job and her interaction with our customers is top notch, we are really lucky to have her working with us.

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