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Anyone who has ordered a meal delivery or catering through Carryout Courier in Lancaster over theJohn-N last nine years has probably encountered delivery waiter John N, who has been a long-time company employee. Also an avid foodie himself, John knows quite a bit about all types of cuisine.

He can make due with a night indoors as John and his wife (Pat) are self-trained, fine-dining cooks. Together, John and Pat enjoy cooking French food, making their own pasta in addition to preparing a host of other delicious feasts.

When it comes to dining out, the they enjoy a nice meal at local restaurants, such as Lombardo’s or Garfield’s. John also enjoys the outdoors as an avid hunter and fisherman.

Serving customers has always been John's focus

But he is well versed in other areas as a sort of a jack of all trades.

Prior to his time at Carryout Courier, John worked in the business of home remodeling. And leading up to his time actually working on homes, John was a department head at Home Depot.


“After I would straighten one department out at Home Depot, they would move around to another department,” John said.

Now that John has long since moved on to the role of delivery waiter, he has found numerous aspects about the job that he thoroughly enjoys.

“I have fun. I get to meet different people every day and sometimes I get to see the same people,” John said. “I have developed some very good relationships and a great rapport with people. I also have fun with the people I work with. We have a good time and I have developed some friendships.”

In the fast paced work environment that is Carryout Courier, there are some behind the scenes components of the job John would like to share.

“Customers might not understand the quick rate that we get delivery orders. On a Friday night, we are as busy as anything and that is when we have most drivers working, but the restaurants are also busy, so sometimes we get held up waiting for meals to be ready.” he acknowledged.

Outside of work, John is also up for a trip out of state with his wife as he always makes sure to bring a sense of adventure wherever he goes.

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