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By Kelsey R.

Lancaster Brewing Company is located on North Plum Street, just a few blocks away from my apartment. I have walked to the restaurant in the past and always taken notice to the outside seating area. In the warmer months, the outside patio is absolutely beautiful. Having a beer in hand and friends at your side is a great way to enjoy the space.


During happy hour the patio is buzzing with people. When the sun goes down, strands of lights shine above the guests.

I go to Lancaster Brewing Company for my lunch break and decide to eat inside.  I meet Brent, the manager, and he shows me to a table. I sit at a table that is at the edge of the loft area that sits above the brewing equipment. There were workers below cleaning the machines. It was entertaining to watch as I waited for my waitress.


Eggplant Soup

I look over the menu and see a lot of entrees that I wouldn’t normally try. Writing for Carryout Courier has pushed my palate to new levels. When I dine out, I don’t like to risk eating a food that I did not like in the past. I want to enjoy my meal and not challenge my taste buds. But part of my job is to promote foods that people will enjoy, not just what I think people will like based on what I always like.

So I ask about the Soup of the Day. It is an eggplant (yuck) soup. The waitress explains that the eggplant is puréed and there are no eggplant chunks. She continues to explain that the soup is pretty spicy and it also has chickpeas in it with sour cream on top. Well the sour cream and the spice sold me! I decide to give it a try. I do not typically like eggplant, but I wanted to give it a try since the other ingredients sounded tasty.

The soup is not chunky, just like the waitress said, but it has good texture. The sour cream is a great touch as the spice is very prominent. I enjoy a lot of spice, but I would absolutely recommend this soup to anyone who thinks they would enjoy a subtle eggplant flavoring. I could have eaten another cup. I was very pleased with my risk.


Bacon Mac N Cheese and Pretzel Turkey Sandwich

I spot Bacon Mac N Cheese. I am a sucker for Mac N Cheese. Really, I am a sucker for cheese. As I browse further down the menu, I see sandwiches. Pretzel Turkey sandwich sounds wonderful. I ask the waitress what she would suggest as far as a meal. She says she will give me the Bacon Mac N Cheese as a side with my Turkey Sandwich. Perfect!

I continue glancing down at the workers cleaning the brewing machines. The table beside me also watches. They are pointing and asking each other questions about the brewing process.


My waitress comes out and places a turkey filled pretzel sandwich and beautifully baked Mac N Cheese in front of me. I go in for the Mac N Cheese first. Once I break open the hard, baked shell, I notice how gooey the entrée is. The inside is filled with cheese, bacon, and creamy goodness! The bacon is a nice touch of salty flavoring which also adds crunchy texture. The waitress tells me the crust is parmesan.

I bite into my pretzel roll. The sandwich is stuffed with turkey. I can’t even take a full bite without pulling some turkey out. The turkey inside my sandwich reminds me of the fresh turkey you eat at Thanksgiving. It doesn’t take like generic lunch meat. It is super fresh and filled with flavor.  The pretzel roll was a nice addition to the taste. There is mustard aioli in the sandwich which I love. It was refreshing to try a different condiment other than mayonnaise.

I am happy I decided to get the Bacon Mac N Cheese as my side, but I am so full. I eat half my sandwich and take a few more bites of the Mac N Cheese before packing it up.


A Sweet Kitten and even Sweeter Dessert

I order the Pecan Cheesecake to go. I leave Lancaster Brewing Company with a full stomach. I am on my way home and I am already thinking about the cheesecake. Before I put the leftovers in the fridge, I pull the cheesecake aside. I really shouldn’t eat it right now. I am stuffed, and I want to enjoy it later. I will just take a bite. I open up the container and am surprised to see the cheesecake to be a light brown color with crushed pecans on the outside.

The description in the menu advertised the cheesecake to have pecans, but I was still expecting a lighter, whiter coloring. Regardless of the color, I take a bite. Delicious! I eat the rest of the cheesecake. The crushed pecans around the edge have the perfect crunch.

I am about to put the rest of the leftovers in the fridge when I notice, Waffle, my kitten, licking some turkey that fell out of my sandwich. I break her off a little bit of turkey and put it in her bowl. She loves it. I safely stash the leftovers in the fridge.

Later that night I find the leftovers gone. Jason came home from work and gobbled them up. So my cat and my boyfriend both eat my meal. I was happy to share with both of them, but now I need to go back to Lancaster Brewing and get another fantastic meal!


A little bit about the author Kelsey R

Hi everyone, I want to share a few things about myself. I have lived in Lancaster County my entire life.

I went to The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and received a Bachelors in English Education and Writing. Currently, I am working as a real estate agent for Berkshire Hathaway, and of course I am doing some writing on the side! I live with my wonderful cat, Waffle in Lancaster City. Besides working and playing with my cat I also read and practice yoga.


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