Letter To Our Customers

Dear Valued Customer:

I want to thank you for your business and assure you that every order is important to us! 

We know how long your order should take to be prepared at the restaurant.

Keep in mind the time of day. For example, Monday at 4:10 PM it may take your restaurant 8-12 minute for prep time vs. Friday night at 6:45 PM it could take 30-40 minute prep time.

For quality sake, we take the meals you have ordered into consideration.

Is it fries and tacos or pasta and sandwiches? Some food travels better than others and our goal is to pick up your order right when it comes out of the kitchen. For that reason we do not place your order with the restaurant until we have a driver available to pick up right away.

The delivery waiter/waitress checks your order for accuracy.

They check all entrees, side dishes, etc. down to the salad dressings and rolls. When your order is correct, the meals are placed in insulated food carriers and delivered directly to you, with an average drive time of 15 minutes.

Our goal is to deliver your meals to you in the time that you were quoted.

Normal delivery time is 45 to 60 minutes. When you place your order, if at that time we think it will take longer we do let you know. We also try to make you aware of any unforeseen problems at the restaurant that may delay your order further.

We vouch for the quality of all of our restaurants. Our reputation depends on it!

If you’re not completely satisfied with our service, please call and ask for Donna, Danny, Tim, Corie or myself and we’ll be happy to rectify any problem.

Checkout our About Page

Be sure to checkout our about page, to learn more about a few of the key people that work hard everyday to bring you your meals.

Thank you for your business


chad eisenhart 

Chad Eisenhart - Founder/President


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