Mitsuru-Ya The Freshness You Crave - Restaurant Review

By Kelsey R.


We all get different food cravings throughout the week. Sometimes we see a co-worker eating a salad or sandwich that sends our taste buds into a tizzy. I think most can agree that the craving for Chinese and Japanese food is a common occurrence, and we usually do everything we can to satisfy that craving quickly.

My most recent food endeavor was at Mitsuru-Ya at 2023 Springwood Rd, York PA 17403. I can’t say on this particular day I was craving anything, but I can say I was starving! I meet Susan who is the owner of the restaurant. She is excited to see me, and tells me they have prepared some dishes for me to try. I begin to settle into my seat, and Susan asks with a smile if I want some Saki. Absolutely. Cheers!


Starting with the Spring Roll

What is unique about Mitsuru-Ya is that they provide their customers with a well-rounded experience. There is a sushi bar as well as items you can grab off of the menu. The restaurant also has hibachi which is a fabulous option!

The first item Susan brings out to me is the Mitsuru Spring Roll which is a popular item amongst customers. Susan cuts the roll up so I can see the fresh ingredients inside. I am surprised when I taste the shrimp because the texture is different than I am used. The shrimp hugs the crab creating a warm pocket of flavor. I sprinkle a little duck sauce on the appetizer and gobble it down. This is a must-try!


Sushi and Hibachi

Aaron is Susan’s husband and also an owner of Mitsuru-Ya. He comes out and chats with me for a bit. He works hard in his restaurant, and you will definitely find him preparing beautiful sushi creations. Which brings me to my next meal. You will need to reference the picture provided for the full visual. Susan brings out this immaculate sushi masterpiece. I am a frequent sushi eater, but I have never seen something so beautifully presented. The dish has a variety of raw fish throughout. The freshness is obvious, which I know no one can argue with. I may have been reluctant to try the raw pieces but with how fresh it was and how perfectly placed it was, I dove right in. The Mountain Roll is a wonderful choice if you are looking to try something delicious. It has spicy tuna, spicy kanikama with mayo, and shrimp tempura.


The Hibachi Rib Eye and Shrimp is next. There are also a couple sauces to dip in as well as brown rice. Shrimp is a personal favorite of mine no matter what meal it is in, so I knew this dish was something I would like. Rib eye is not necessarily in my food inventory, but it is now! The Hibachi Rib Eye and Shrimp exceeded my expectation of greatness. The sauces and brown rice were the perfect combination. Everything was fresh of course, and the seasoning on the shrimp was spot-on!


Banana Tempura for Dessert

Susan could see that I was not finishing all of my amazing dishes. She starts bringing out boxes. But before I head out the door, Susan brings me one last dish: Susan Banana Tempura. At first I didn’t know what it was, but I still dig in right away. I figured it out pretty quickly and was amazed at how delicious it was. Some whipped cream and chocolate on the side made for a wonderful dessert.

The next time you need to satisfy your sushi or Hibachi craving, I hope Mitsuru-Ya crosses your mind. The freshness alone should be enough to convince you. The fabulous prices should also be a motivator!


A little bit about the author Kelsey R

Hi everyone, I want to share a few things about myself. I have lived in Lancaster County my entire life.

I went to The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and received a Bachelors in English Education and Writing. Currently, I am working as a real estate agent for Berkshire Hathaway, and of course I am doing some writing on the side! I live with my wonderful cat, Waffle in Lancaster City. Besides working and playing with my cat I also read and practice yoga.


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