Ordering Catering Chinese? How To Order Correctly

When the time comes to order Chinese food for your next catered event, there could be a lot that may potentially go wrong. There is often an issue with ordering too much or too little food. With Carryout Courier, those issues can be eliminated. The following issues can be addressed by our staff based on years of drop off catering experience. catering-chinese-food-general-tsao

Ordering the right amount of food for a large group

We have devised a system that makes sure every large order gets just the right amount of food. We take the number of people in that group and divide it in half. That number then provides us with how many quarts of Chinese food to order. So for a group of 30 people, we would order 15 quarts. That is usually broken down into different varieties of food. We could provide five different foods in three-quart increments. Popular choices are usually General Tso’s Chicken, Chicken and Brocoli or Chicken Lo Mein. We can also do six-quart increments as well.

Egg rolls are usually included and the quantity is based on the number of people as well. For a party of 30 people, we would order 15 egg rolls and then split each one in half. That way everyone has the option of enjoying at least half an egg roll. Often times, some people might not eat any while others have more than one. Larger orders are put in large three-quart catering pans so that items are easily dispensable. Fortune cookies are also made available for every person in the group.

Economical and convenient ordering

Our method of ordering is meant to be economical for groups so that their money is maximized. It is also simple to place an order. Placing a catering order could take as little catering-chinese-food-york-pa as 30 seconds. Tell us how many people in your party, where to deliver the food and then Carryout Courier will take care of the rest.

Our orders usually begin with the popular General Tso’s chicken and from there we generally pick a beef dish, a seafood dish and then a vegetarian dish. If there is a special request, we can also take care of those needs. Variety usually winds up satisfying everyone within a group as taste differs from one person to the next.

Quick delivery

We are capable of taking an order and delivering to you within 45 to 60 minutes. If you need a lunch order for that same day, we can meet your demand. Call us that morning and we can still deliver even if our Chinese restaurant of choice does not open until late that morning. Lunch menus can be taken care of with very little notice.  Planning an event in very little time is our specialty.

Count on Carryout Courier to carry out your order to completion. A spur of the moment lunch meeting might call for the delivery of Chinese food catering in a hurry. Our method, promptitude and quality of service can have a delicious Chinese lunch in front of you in very little time.


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