Impress your co-workers! Order the best Pizza for your business meeting.

Pizza has become an American tradition and rarely fails to excite people when it is delivered. Ordering high quality pizza heightens that excitement even more and can make for a memorable meal. It can also make the second half of any meeting go a little bit better.

Ordering from the big chains any old pizza place is not guaranteed to have such an effect. But ordering from a reputable list of quality restaurants provided by Carryout Courier can bring a quality meal directly to your next meeting. Our service offers pizza delivery in York from the following high ­end locations: Pizza al BacioBel Paese and Lattucca’s.

We also offer pizza delivery in Lancaster PA from Luciano’s Pizza and Two Cousins Pizza

Nothing like your average chain pizza!

These Italian restaurants have their own family recipes that are not usually found in an ordinary pizza shop. The difference is in the taste as fresh ingredients can make your taste buds dance with delight. Other menu items are also not the same boring, old side dishes. A much better product is delivered from every one of these establishments.

Ordering the right amount for your group.

Experience lets our customer service associates know exactly how much to order for each meeting. The general rule is two slices of pizza per person in a group. Toppings are usually adjusted according to the size of the group as pepperoni and mushroom pizzas are the most popular kind of alternatives to plain pies.

Add a healthy alternative or something different to the meal.

Occasionally a couple people at a meeting are not going to reach for a slice of pizza. That is why we provide suggestions of other menu items to order. A variety of high end salads are offered as a healthier alternative. Stromboli is another popular item and we figure one boli for every three people in a group. Baked ziti catering can feed up to ten people and there is also the option of ordering small side dishes such as mozzarella sticks. Lastly, freshly baked cookies and brownies can cap off every meal with a sweet smile.

Let Carryout Courier take care of the details!

When it comes time to order pizza for any kind of meeting, leave it to the experts. All you have to do is call Carryout Courier and say we need lunch for a certain number of people. A mere 20­ second phone call is all it takes. No matter how many people are in your group, Carryout Courier has you covered. The larger the group, the more variety is packed into each order. A quality high-end pizza meal is only a phone call away.


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