Our Specialty: Drop Off Catering

Drop-off catering is our specialty. We have been delivering catering orders now for 20 years. And we do our best have learned how to make our deliveries as flawless ascatering-york-pa possible.

When you think about it, whether we are delivering to a home or a business, all of the orders we do are catered to the customers needs. Our trained and friendly staff is available for any specific needs the customer may need.

After the order is placed with the restaurant of your choice, the delivery waiter or waitress will go to the restaurant to pick it up. While at the restaurant the waiter/waitress receives a copy of the order and checks to make sure it is complete. They pack the meals in their heat insulated delivery bag. Taking great care to ensure all of the food meals will arrive in the condition it left the restaurant, with no spillage.

Once the waiter/waitress arrives at the destination they will always take it to wherever the customer would like it to go. If the delivery is made at a residential home our goal is to take it to the customers’ kitchen or anywhere else we are directed.

If the delivery is being made to a business our catering waiter or waitress will take your meals to the business lunch room, break room or even in the meeting the customer may be having. Most of the time there is a contact person at the delivery that will be able to assist the driver with where to set up the food.

The waiter/waitress has been trained how to specifically how to set up the order. It will be organized in the way of plates, main entree, any side dishes that are included, followed by utensils and napkins and drinks that were included in the order. And of course serving utensils are provided. Everything is neatly organized so you will enjoy your meal without a hitch.

We offer many different options for catering items. Our three most popular are sandwiches, Italian/pizza and Chinese.

Our most popular sandwich platters come from Isaac’s Deli and Pita Pit in York and Lancaster, as well as Sloppy Jane’s in Lancaster and The Embers in York. Each restaurant creates an exceptional sandwich platter that our customers are always pleased with. Many include sides such as chips and pickles plus dessert that come standard with eachfried chicken catering catering tray.

When wanting to order Italian or pizza our most popular restaurant in Lancaster is Two Cousins. They have a variety of pizza choices and offer an assortment of fresh, tasty Italian dishes including lasagna, chicken marsala and baked ziti. If ordering in York Pizza Al Bacio and Bel Paese offer pizza and Italian dishes that are sure to please any group. Choose from stuffed shells or chicken alfredo, plus their salads are no boring old tossed salad they have a bountiful assortment of vegetables.

Ginmiya is our most popular restaurant when you are looking for Chinese catering in either York or Lancaster. With Ginmiya, not only are the meals great buy for the price they can’t be beat. An alternative to Ginmiya is China King in Lancaster and Shangrila in York. Both restaurants offer catering menus menu to accommodate a large group.

Catering orders and catering to our customers is our number one priority. We strive to make placing your order with us, and the delivery of your order run as smooth as possible.


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