Planning An Event - Choosing A Great Meal To Serve Does Not Have To Be Hard

Planning an event? Not sure which type of meals to serve your guests? Whether you’re planning a business luncheon meeting or a catered wedding Carryout Courier is here to assist you.

Need help with menu ideas?

We have customers calling everyday with questions and concerns about which type of meal options would suit their needs the best. We can certainly help anyone put their order together or assist in planning a meeting or function.


I may need suggestions with restaurants – HELP!

All of our staff is trained on helping customer choose what meals to choose when planning an event. We will come up with any suggestions and keep you from ordering too much or too little, especially if you’re on a fixed budget.

What questions will you have for me?

All we need is some basic information.

First we will need to find out where your lunch or dinner will be delivered to. Since we deliver in both York and Lancaster the location of your delivery helps up to narrow down which restaurants are available to you.

We will then want to know the date you of the event you are planning, as well as the time you want the meals to arrive for your event. This is to avoid us choosing a restaurant that would be closed or would not be able to accommodate the specified delivery time.

Lastly we will want to know how many people you will be serving. If you’re ordering for a large group we would most likely guide you to choose catering items instead of individual meals. With catering items the food will travel better and will leave less room for error or a possible delay with your order.

How easy is it for ME….to plan the menu? planning an event with a meal

Once we’ve gathered all the information we need from you we would then help with food options. A few of our choices include Italian, Chinese, Mexican and sandwiches. Once we know the food type you’d like to serve then we can suggest restaurants.

If you’d like us to plan your meal we can certainly do that. If you’re ordering for say 40 people and give us a budget to follow, but do not mind what type of food is served, we can, without a doubt, assist you. Once all pertinent information is collected you’re phone call would only be about 2 – 3 minutes, and a trained staff member will then plan your menu.

Should I call in advance?

It is preferred but not required.

For larger catering orders we would prefer that you call at the day before the order is to be delivered. But is certainly is not required.

The biggest strain we run into is the restaurant having it ready by a certain time. Many restaurants are able to have it ready the same day, but giving the restaurant a day or so for larger orders is always best.

How do I know you will be on time?

We have been doing this for 20 years and realize people don’t like their meals to be late. The majority lunch time deliveries are for planned events, catered lunches, business meetings and training seminars.

We give priority to large company/business orders and certainly give priority to orders that have been placed in advanced.

We time all orders and have the restaurants have the order ready by a specified time. We will never let you pick a restaurant we won’t think will have your order ready on time.

If your order is placed the day before we give the restaurant plenty of notice and confirm the order with them that day, as well as the day the order is to be ready.

Plus with our large delivery staff we have drivers on the road that keep us posted on road conditions and traffic issues.

We always find out where the event is being held (which room, floor, entrance to use, is the contact the same at the person ordering, etc). We certainly put in the extra leg work so your order is brought to you on time and so that everything is smooth with less stress for you.

Next time you’re planning an event and may need help deciding what to serve don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our friendly staff is available to you at 717-846-8828 or 717-399-3463. We can help make your event a success!


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