Popular and Unique Catering Options

If you are looking for a unique catering option to serve a large group of people look no further. Here at Carryout Courier we offer catering from Fiesta Mexico in York, and catering from El Rodeo in York and Lancaster. Their catering menu options range from tacos and enchiladas, to fajitas and also burritos.


Catering Tacos and Enchiladas

Our most popular option is the taco bar and enchilada platters. The taco bar comes with beef tacos, hard shells or soft tortillas (slight up charge), cheese and lettuce. Each item comes in its own separate container, so it is build your own. You do not have to worry about soggy tacos.

We Got Your Vegetarians Covered

The enchiladas are available in chicken or cheese or beef. Normally we suggest customers get half chicken and half cheese enchiladas. And skip the beef, since you have the beef tacos. This will allow you to cover your vegetarian without ordering any special menu just for them.

We Have All The Details Worked Out

Everything is al a carte. But the norm is to include Mexican rice and a pan of refried beans with your order. To help put your order together we do have a formula. We share it with you here. Take the number of people times .75 and you get the quantity of Mexican rice to order. For the refried beans take the number of people times .40 and you get your quantity. So if you have 20 people that would be 15 rice and 8 beans. Yes the rice would be in 1 or 2 catering pans and the beans would be in their own catering pan.

Fajitas Are A Great Catering Menu Option

Fajitas, beef or chicken, are also available as a catering option. Normally we will include half beef and half chicken for the order, along with two tortillas per person. They do not automatically include guacamole, sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes, but you can add this on. We think the price is little steep, so we normally just suggest adding this for half the group and we have not have any complaints yet.

Burritos, tamales, chili rellanos are other options. However tacos and enchiladas or fajitas are by far the most popular. For an appetizer we always suggest chips and salsa. A large order of chips will serve 8-10 and a large 16 oz salsa the same.

Oh, Yes Dessert – We Wouldn’t Forget That

And don’t forget dessert. Sopapillas are the most popular. They are very tasty. Sopapillas are fried tortilla shells with honey and cinnamon on top. They come four pieces per order. So we normally get you half and order per person. Which gives you 2 pieces per person. Yes they are very popular.

What Is The Price?

And for price? Well this is not the cheapest catering option we offer. But for uniqueness and something that most people do not get delivered often a catering Mexican Buffet can be a real hit. And as I personally have ordered when I need to feed a group, this is probably my favorite. I like it best we the people I bought is for don’t eat all of the sopapillas because that is more for me.


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