Now Hiring Supervisor of our Mobile Waiter/Waitresses (Drivers)

Job Description

We are actively recruiting a Supervisor For our Mobile Waiter/Waitresses (Drivers) in our York/Lancaster/Harrisburg markets. The Supervisor is primarily responsible to recruit, interview, do initial training, perform follow-up training and address problems on a one on one basis as they occur. You will be allocated time weekly to perform follow-up training that ensures long term employee retention and reinforces providing the best service possible to our customers. You will work with our waiters/waitresses to minimize mistakes and problems that are within our control.

You Are Starting With A Solid Base

All training material has already been written and the waiters/waitresses work with an app on their smart phone so the their job is very streamlined.

We are opening in the Harrisburg PA market on February 15, 2017. We have a lot of long term mobile waiters/waitresses. In York, our longest driver has been with us for 18+ years. A third of our York drivers have been with us for 5 years or more.

A Little About Us

In business since 1994, Carryout Courier is a restaurant delivery service for 65+ restaurants in York/Lancaster/Harrisburg. The customer places their order with us, either on the phone or on-line, the restaurant prepares the meals and our delivery Waiters/Waitresses pick-up, check the order and deliver to the customers, which is at a home, business or hotel.

More About The Position

This is a full-time position. Travel is involved between Harrisburg/York/Lancaster. We will compensate for travel beyond what you would incur by working in a single location. We are in the process of buying a company vehicle with Carryout Courier advertising. We did not plan for it to be used for deliveries but we want it out and about as much as possible. Your position may allow for that.

In addition to your your primary role, you will perform additional functions that may include:

The Food Delivery Business Is Growing Rapidly and We Are In A Good Position To Take Advantage Of The Growth

With the explosive growth of companies like Amazon and Uber, consumers are demanding more choices for immediate delivery of services and products. We utilize state of the art software that is allowing us to grow rapidly at scale. We would like to expand to additional markets in Pennsylvania.


Benefits and Compensation

To Apply

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can work together to grow the business profitably and offer a rewarding environment for our employees and partner restaurants. Use one of the two options below to apply.

Option #1 Send your resume to Please include any additional information you would like us to know on your cover page or in the body of your email.

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