Tom A - York Delivery Waiter - Getting To Know Our Staff

The job of a delivery waiter is a unique one which entails balancing more than just one task.  Tom A has been serving in this capacity at Carryout Courier since the spring of 2001. He is entrusted with the
role of actually bringing delivery orders to customers. However, there are daily obstacles he continues to overcome. “We do the best to get the food to customers as quickly as possible. That’s our goal,” Tom said. “Sometimes restaurants really get busy. Sometimes traffic is a problem, especially when you go from one side of town to the other. But our food is not sitting there when we pick it up, the cooks or chefs are often just finishing the preparation of the meals. Every delivery is unique and different.”

Quickly deliveries and helping the customer

There have also been instances when Tom’s consideration has come to be very helpful to customers. “One older woman who always orders with us had people taking care of her and she couldn’t drive,” Tom explained. “She had to increase her medication and by the time they called the pharmacy, the delivery person was gone and wouldn’t be in the next day. I thought ‘why not help her out?’” That led Tom to make an inquiry with the pharmacy and after explaining the situation, an arrangement was made to get the woman her medication in a timely fashion. Tom also takes special consideration when delivering to regular Carryout Courier customers who are handicapped.

Tom's has experience from all aspects of the restaurant business

Overall, Tom has led an interesting life as a former restaurant owner of Alwine's, which was open through the 1980’s in North York. Now, he spends a good deal of time perfecting the art of target shooting. Tom also served in the Air Force for four years in the 1960's and has traveled to about 12 different foreign countries. When he is on York soil, he gets out to his share of restaurants for breakfast and lunch, but has a particular favorite when it comes to dinner.  His favorites for breakfast are Astoria Diner and Central Family Restaurant. For dinner Tom's favorite is one of Stone Grill and Taphouse's specialties Bourbon Pork Chops. "That is one of the best meals I’ve had in York.”

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