What Makes Fuddruckers Stand Out From The Rest ?

There is nothing quite like the taste of a good burger, but building a tasty burger has become an art form that not every restaurant can master. One particular York restaurant has found a way to corner the market on tasty burgers. York’s very own Fuddrucker's goes a step beyond just serving delicious hamburgers and cheeseburgers. It also offers exotic fuddruckers-condiment-bar-2 burgers that cannot be purchased just anywhere.

Elk burgers, wild board burgers and buffalo burgers are all on the menu at Fuddruckers. There are even special edition burgers which are offered for a limited time. These special edition items include ostrich and venison burgers. That is just one more way Fuddruckers continues to prove that it is not your average, run­ of ­the mill burger joint. Tempting your taste buds with something new can happen every time you visit York’s Fuddruckers located on 2300 East Market Street. It has been serving the York area top quality meals for more than seven years and was brought to life by a local man with a vision.

Every single burger is made fresh daily!

During on a golf outing almost a decade ago in Myrtle Beach, owner George Leight was first introduced to the unique, fresh taste of Fuddruckers. His eyes widened at the possibility of bringing the same kind of value, quality and fun to his hometown. That vision eventually led him to move on from his job as an accountant and introduce York to its very own Fuddruckers.  Born and raised in York, Leight is proud to serve the same community he’s been a part of for his entire life. The former accountant worked diligently to make sure his Fuddruckers served up quality day in and day out. Every single burger is made fresh daily and each hamburger bun is also baked in house. There is no serving up any kind of frozen food product. Fuddruckers’ desserts of cookies and brownies are also made fresh on site every day.

Choose your favorite toppings with the burger bar.

Another unique feature is the produce bar which allows customers to build their burgers however they choose. Those options are not just limited to toppings for burgers. There fuddrucker-meal-delivery-containers is also a selection of tasty chicken sandwiches as well as turkey burgers customers can build upon. The most popular menu item is the Bacon and Cheddar burger, but York residents have proven tohave an appetite. Leight’s establishment currently ranks in the top 10 percent of all Fuddruckers nationwide when it comes to selling its one ­pound burgers. Leight’s extreme attention to detail also makes sure that Fuddruckers maintains top quality with every order.

Catering is available as Carryout Courier offers food delivery of complete Fuddruckers meals right to your home or business. Whether it be a catered lunch or dinner, there is always an occasion to celebrate a unique dining experience with Fuddruckers.


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