Why Does My Food Delivery Take 45-60 Minutes?

Ever Wonder What The Heck Is Taking So Long To Get Your Meal Delivered?


Yes we always try to deliver your Catering York PA and Catering Lancaster PA and meal delivery as quick as possible. But when delays occur the most common reason is the meals are not ready at the restaurant.

  1. When you call our customer service representative takes your order and all the specifications you request including NO THIS and EXTRA THAT. We always read your back to you to ensure your order is correct.
  2. We want your meals to be fresh and if you ordered hot meals we want you meals to arrive as hot as possible, excluding loss in heat that can be expected in the travel time from the restaurant to your home, business or hotel. We do delay placing your order at the restaurant until we know we have a delivery waiter or waitress available. Our goal is for the meals to come out of the oven right AFTER the delivery waiter or waitress arrives at the restaurant. We do not want the meals waiting for the driver, but rather the driver wait a minute for your meals to come up.
  3. Sometimes the restaurants are busier that we expected and we have have to wait a little extra.
  4. After your order comes up we check your order to ensure that all items ordered are delivered - This is our top priority. We emphasize checking the order at the job interview, at training and everyday. And when missing items occur we do not take it lightly, we bring you the missing items or give you a credit on a future order. And we promptly bring it to the delivery waiters or waitresses attention.
  5. Meals are placed in heat insulated food bags to keep the heat.
  6. We bring the meals straight to you. Average drive time is 15 minutes. Our delivery waiters are in communication with our office and we all work as a team so when road delays occur we can all be notified so the other deliver waiters or waitresses can avoid the same traffic delay.
  7. When we arrive, we bring the meal and catering delivery to you, including your kitchen table, hotel room or break room at the office. Whatever you choose.

On time delivery is important. Delays do occur and when they do we attempt to bring it to your attention ASAP. Yes we do let you know at the time you are placing your order it we feel it will take longer than normal. In fact we will often tell you before you even place your order what the estimated delivery time it. Because we believe your time is valuable, we want you to be informed at every step of the process.


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