Wiener World Restaurant Review - What? No Wieners?

By Kelsey R.


Wiener World is located in York off of Industrial Highway. I leave work early on Thursday so I can enjoy an early lunch. As the name may suggest, Wiener World makes you think you are going to a hot dog establishment. Wrong. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Wiener World is full of options, diner food, and beer! What could be better than diner food and beer?!

I meet Nick who is the owner of Wiener World. I notice right away I am stepping into a diner, but I still do not know what kind of food the restaurant has. Nick sits down with me at a booth. The first thing he tells me is that everyone thinks Wiener World only serves hot dogs. Years ago the establishment did, and that is where the name came from. Now, Nick serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are also many extras to order as well, such as pudding.

Good Prices

I am looking around to see what people are eating. It is 10:00 a.m. and most are enjoying the breakfast specials on the menu. Nick explains that he likes to offer specials on a consistent basis. Wiener World’s specials are extra special because they come with variety as well as a lot of extras. Coffee is always part of the breakfasts. I tell Nick that Chipped Beef is one of my favorite meals. He orders me a sample as well as some other favorites.

I take a look in the menu to see the options that are available, but before I even notice the food, I look at the prices. They are more than reasonable! Nick’s prices are affordable! Dining out can be a pricey activity, but Nick tells me that he is competing with several restaurants just within a few mile radius of Weiner World. Low prices are one way Nick keeps people walking through the door. Another way is offering a variety of food choices. If people are given choices on what they can substitute for a side, or different combinations that can have, they are very likely to keep coming back to Wiener World.


Chipped Beef, Chicken and Waffles

A waitress puts some Chipped Beef in front of me. Usually the Chipped Beef is served over a waffle, noodles, or a biscuit. I dig in and love the creamy taste! The waitress then brings me a single waffle and puts the chicken off to the side. I taste the chicken separately and love what I am tasting. It has a flavorful filling. I dump the rest onto my waffle and eat it together. Both the Chipped Beef and Chicken and Waffles remind me of a traditional Lancaster County meal. Nick tells me how a recent customer commented on the Chipped Beef and said it is the best in America. I have had a lot of Chipped Beef in my breakfast days, and I would certainly agree that Wiener Worlds Chipped Beef needs to be on everyone’s list.


True Lancaster County Food (in York County)

I am given a plate of Home Fries and a plate of Hash Browns. Each plate has a different style. Both plates taste the same, but the plates offer different textures. This is just how Nick offers variety to his costumers. He is very conscientious of how people are treated in his restaurant. Food should be enjoyed, and Nick makes sure to offer the best experience. I munch down on the plates of Home Fries and Hash Browns, adding a little pepper.



There is also a bowl of beef that is in a tomato sauce. I cannot get enough of these Lancaster County-style meals! The last sample I try is the Fettuccini Alfredo Sauce. The waitress comes over with a bowl of sauce with no pasta. Nick wants me to taste the sauce separately. I do. I can taste the cream, butter, and parmesan. I tell Nick it is delicious and that I have not tasted a sauce so heavy with flavors before.


Drinking Beer in the AM

Wiener World also has a lounge on the left side of the diner. I ask Nick is we can take a look. It is 10:30 in the morning, I don’t expect to see anyone in the bar, but boy am I wrong! The bar was packed! Almost every bar stool is occupied. Nick explains that his prices in the bar are much more reasonable compared to other bars. There are games, music, and great company! I send a quick text to my friends telling them that we need to check out Wiener World for drinks some Friday afternoon.

Spread the word to your friends that Wiener World is that place to eat at if you are looking for big meal that won’t cost you a whole lot of money. You won’t be eating hot dogs, but I know you will find something on the menu that will strike your interests. Also take your friends for a drink! Wiener World is a great place to go if you are looking to get in some drinking and eating. The restaurant has a great customer service. You will feel like you are part of a community when you walk through Wiener World’s doors.


A little bit about the author Kelsey R

Hi everyone, I want to share a few things about myself. I have lived in Lancaster County my entire life.

I went to The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and received a Bachelors in English Education and Writing. Currently, I am working as a real estate agent for Berkshire Hathaway, and of course I am doing some writing on the side! I live with my wonderful cat, Waffle in Lancaster City. Besides working and playing with my cat I also read and practice yoga.


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